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I am hoping to create and maintain this site so it becomes a central source for aviculture and bird-related research, news and information. There are so many websites out there. Some are focused on different species of birds and parrots, some focused solely on training or feeding your bird, then there are some websites dedicated to research and news. But there’s not one single source of all of this important info from around the globe. So hopefully I can pull all this info together for you! I’d also like to share stories and tips with other amateur aviculturists, whether they breed and raise birds, or if they just care for their companion bird.

Parrots and birds are fascinating and intelligent creatures

They require more care and attention than most people realiseRecent research has found that birds in the crow family may have the intelligence level and behaviour similar to children aged between 5 and 7 years old. It’s pretty compelling research, and we (humans) are only just figuring out how intelligent animals and birds really are. People don’t lock away their small children in tiny cages (or at least I hope they don’t). So why should we lock birds in small, confined spaces with no stimulation for their active brains?

Diet and stimulation for the mind is important!

For those that think birdseed is an adequate diet for their pet bird, or that it’s ok to feed bread or mince to your neighbourhood magpie, then you should read a confronting blog post from

If feeding your birds fruit and vegetables everyday becomes expensive, considering they throw half of it on the ground like mine do, then wait until you read about theChop Concept”. It’s so simple and smart! I’m going to attempt the “Chop Concept” myself this week!

To keep your bird happy and well behaved, I recommend checking out Good Bird Inc’s blog. It’s an excellent resource for any bird owner and they have some great DVDs in their online store. I purchased the parrot training DVD a few years back and the training really works.

The Parrot Enrichment Blog has some great recipes embracing the “Chop Concept”.  You will find videos on how to make homemade toys on their website. But if you are lazy like me, they also have fantastic toys for sale in their online store.

I hope I have provided you with some great resources for keeping your parrots and birds happy and healthy and I challenge you to take up the “Chop Concept” or try making a few toys for your pet!


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  1. I am so thrilled you are spreading the word of the Chop Concept and how healthy it is! Thank you so much! If you need any help, please don’t hesitate to contact me at the blog. I’d be more than happy to answer any questions you or your readers might have. I also have many instructional videos that help with learning how to make it and freeze it. Good luck with your Chop!

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