Parrot paranoia & security

RottweilerA news article I found this week has highlighted why it’s necessary to maintain privacy and adequate security when you own parrots, or anything of value really.

The article stated that a man in Epping, New South Wales went to the local media after he had lost one of his Alexandrine parrots.  He ended up re-homing his remaining Alexandrine parrot, and it turns out the new owner experienced a break and enter, where all of his parrots were stolen. Every article this man featured in stated the parrot was worth between $300 and $1500.

Did all of this media attention somehow contribute to the break and enter? Surely this information would immediately capture a criminal’s attention. It wouldn’t be hard to find this man and figure out who he associates with, considering his name and photographs were posted all over the internet and in the local papers.

This story captured my interest as security has been at the top of my mind recently.  In the last few months I’ve been breeding Cockatiels (by accident) and I’ve had over half a dozen strangers come through my house to adopt the babies.  One day a red flag when up in my head when one young guy saw our hand-raised Sun Conure and Quaker and said ‘they must have cost you a fortune’.

This comment made me question how I advertise birds for sale online and how I invite strangers into my home.

Last week I was speaking to an owner of a pet store, who confirmed my paranoia.  He said that in the last few years’ bird breeders have increasingly become more reclusive and cautious.  The breeders he deals with request to meet at random locations to exchange birds and money. This is because they’ve lost thousands of dollars to thieves raiding their properties.

Until recently I didn’t think of my pets as being valuable assets that could be stolen. I think all parrot owners need to be wary, not just the breeders. Just like you need to be wary about the content you are posting on social media and who can access these posts. If you are going to publicly show the world your ‘expensive’ parrot, then make sure you have some security in place to protect them and the rest of your valuables.

Personally, I recommend getting a guard dog. Our Rottweiler definitely keeps the unsavoury people away from our property!


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